The Story Of Tera Vision

Artist label meets fashion brand- Tera Vision brings art to life through unique all over printed garments of original artwork with a focus on giving back and supporting the Australian landscape and environment.

Tera Vision is about authentic artwork, intricately designed garments and high quality fabrics. These statement pieces of mesmerising artwork by landscape photographer and artist Alix Whitelaw are limited edition prints from collections based on Australian landscapes.

Designed and made in Melbourne- Celebrating Australian Landscape

Tera Vision aims to preserve the landscapes in which the original photo of the designs were taken by not only raising awareness through wearable art and statement fashion, but also giving back to the environment by donating 5-10% of profits depending on which garment, to environmental charities and organisations working in these areas. Tera Vision is currently working to team up with such charities and will be donating profits as soon as possible.

Tera Vision strives for full transparency concerning all products and production throughout the brand. Tera Vision values honest customer connection, with a commitment to ethical production and sustainability- using recycled materials, ECA accredited companies and being locally made.
All artwork produced for Tera Vision tells a story of a unique and beautiful Australian landscape, each collection relates to a location within Australia from where the images are taken.
All Tera Vision garments are limited edition, as there never more that 80 of each design printed. Tera Vision is about telling a story and staying authentic, by expressing art and our beautiful Australian landscape with pieces that can be taken with you forever and proud to be worn. Tera Vision is a dream come to life by visionary artist Alix Whitelaw; breaking barriers of what art should be and how its represented, along with the notion of giving back and preserving what it is that made such photo collections possible. By purchasing Tera Vision apparel, you are not only indulging in unique fashion, but you are representing a piece of limited edition art that tells a story of Australia.